Our Curriculum

We have chosen Wee-Learn for our curriculum at Cross & Crown Weekday School. The purpose of the Wee Learn curriculum is to provide a foundation on which teachers can build an early childhood program that allows children to grow and develop. A child's growth and development is a process and should be fostered through a creative, fun learning environment. The Wee Learn curriculum provides a range of activities that are designed to meet the needs of preschoolers at their own level of development.

The teacher's responsibility is to select activities that provide a balanced program of early childhood education. These activities are incorporated into learning centers: blocks, books, puzzles, nature, home living, music and art. Wee Learn children have fun while learning!

Wee Learn is an activity-based curriculum, allowing children to learn through experience. Activities that embrace physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual development are included under each theme topic. The teachers utilize activities to plan individual, small group and large group activities, which will meet the specific needs and interests of each child.

We also supplement the Wee Learn program with learning materials on letters, numbers, shapes and colors. Any materials that are used to supplement the program are age appropriate and used to reinforce the curriculum of the preschool.