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We offer fun and creative learning environments for children ages 2-5.
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About Cross & Crown Weekday School

Cross & Crown Weekday School exists to help children grow spiritually, socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually. As our school is a ministry of Cross & Crown Lutheran Church, each child will experience the awareness of God and a growing realization of God’s love. Each child will be given an opportunity to fully develop under the loving guidance of Christian teachers and leaders, by playing, sharing and relating to other children, through the self-development of his/her own abilities and self-confidence. We believe that these goals are best accomplished through a play-oriented approach to learning, which allows each child the freedom and necessary structure to grow. Each child will be treated as a person of worth, with unique and individual abilities and emotions. Children will learn the basic principles of getting along with others, respecting the classroom community, and assuming responsibility for one’s actions. A careful balance between the development of each child’s independence and individual abilities and their confidence and trust in their community and others is desired. We recognize each child as a special gift to the world, and his/her development as a whole person is the mark of a successful early childhood program.