Wellness Ministry

Faith Community Nurse

At Cross & Crown, the Wellness Ministry program came into being in late 2019 as Judy Hughes, RN, completed the Faith Community Nurse training. Faith Community Nursing is the specialized practice of professional nursing focused on intentional care of the Spirit as well as promotion of whole person health to prevent or minimize illness. Cross & Crown's Faith Community Nurse is affiliated with Atrium Health.

What is a “Water Challenge”? What does it have to do with Wellness Ministry?

This Water Challenge is an invitation and encouragement to be intentional about personal hydration. We all know that drinking plenty of water each day is good for us and is truly essential for good health.

Some guidelines for the Water Challenge:

  • If you are dealing with a condition such as excessive water retention, or there is a medical need to limit fluid intake, check with your health care professional before participating! You could participate by following medical instructions for fluid intake.
  • Only water counts as the 64 ounces of hydration (not tea, coffee, alcoholic beverages or soda)
  • Health guidance suggests drinking one 8oz cup of water first thing when you wake up, before and after every meal, and finally one more before you go to bed. (Modify this to drink an additional cup in the afternoon if late evening drinking is a nighttime problem).
  • Use this chart for tracking each day. Say the water prayer as you drink each cup of water.
    We give you thanks, O God, for the waters of life: for water that gives life to our planet. We give you thanks, O God, for the waters of life.
  • Carry out your plan and drop a coin (penny, nickel, dime, quarter) in the envelope for each successful day as a donation toward a share of a Safe Water Project from ELCA Good Gifts catalog.
  • Report your successes in early July.
  • If 50 people complete the Water Challenge, a donor will contribute the balance to purchase a share of a Safe Water Project from ELCA Good Gifts catalog.

    Some prayers to spark your thinking:

    Loving God, we ask for Your blessings on children, mothers, fathers, and communities who are thirsty. Purify, protect, and multiply their water sources. Strengthen their resolve so they may fully enjoy the benefits of clean water — essentials like education, gardens of fresh produce, and good health.
    from World Vision

    God of ocean, river, stream.
    God of creek, rivulet, groundwater.
    God of rain, snow, sleet.
    You are the Living Water
    Who moves through us and all your beloved creatures
    Enlivening, and nurturing.
    Protect us from our shortsightedness.
    Protect us from our greed.
    Protect us from ourselves.
    Living Water Be with us.
    Be in us.
    prayer by Beth Norcross, Arlington, VA